Care Workers

Individual Members

There are many ways to work with CCA to help develop a care sector that we can all be proud of. As an individual care worker CCA can help connect you with clients to get you started on your co-op journey.

CCA’s goal is to help you become the best care worker you can be and, if you want, develop your very own local care co-op.

To be a care worker with CCA you will need to engage with:


Co-operative principle has been a corner stone of co-operatives since 1844. This principle is meant to empower people by providing them with knowledge. CCA maintains high standards to ensure quality of care is provided and as a result ongoing education is required.

Member Control

Democratic Member Control gives you a say in what CCA does and how it does it. This principle is commonly referred to as the one-member: one vote principle. As a CCA member you must exercise your vote, it is a responsibility of membership.

Training & Info

Education, Training and Information principle has been a corner stone of co-operatives since 1844. Education is the corner stone of co-operatives as they seek to build communities by promoting awareness within communities. Building understanding helps to build community bonds.

Become a
Individual Member



As an Individual Member of CCA you will be a member-owner and will work with CCA clients.

If you have any questions, please reach out to CCA!

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