Supporting Members

CCA is seeking to change the care sector for the better by focusing our efforts on providing quality of care. It isn’t, however, just clients that need care. Family and Friend Caregivers struggle as they work to provide their loved ones with the care they need while trying to live their own lives.

CCA is looking to work with Family and Friend Caregivers to provide services that meet their needs. Their need for rest and respite. Their need for community connection and understanding.

To provide these services CCA is looking for Supporting Members to provide the financial supports for program such as:


Family/Friend Caregiver Support Groups

Rest and Respite

Rest and Respite Program to provide a moment of rest for caregivers.

Online Community

Online Community Program to connect caregivers with those dealing with similar situations.

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Supporting Member

to help us provide programs for those in need.



As a Supporting Member you will get a vote on the programs CCA offers.

If you have any questions, please reach out to CCA!

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