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Welcome to the Co-operative Care Alliance

Our Vision

At CCA we seek to create a home care sector across Canada that puts people before profits. A home care sector that encourages workers to see their clients as family and feel empowered to provide the care family members deserve. Care should never be about profits, but about people. 

Our Services

Home Care

Personal hygiene support: Ensuring comfort, cleanliness, and a sense of well-being in daily living.
Bathing: Assisting with safe and soothing baths or showers, enhancing relaxation and cleanliness.
Assistance using washroom: Providing compassionate aid for bathroom needs with dignity, respect, and personal care.
Oral hygiene: Promoting and maintaining dental health through attentive care and proper hygiene practices.
Transferring/Repositioning: Safely and skillfully helping with mobility, position changes, and comfort.
Meal Preparation: Skillfully crafting nutritious, flavorful meals to cater to the specific needs and preferences of your loved ones.
Companionship: Offering warm and engaging conversation, emotional support, and companionship to combat loneliness.
Overnight Care: Delivering peace of mind through attentive and vigilant overnight assistance and supervision.
Transition Support: Facilitating a smooth and reassuring transition from hospital to home or vice versa, ensuring comfort and continuity of care.
Grooming: Providing personalized assistance to help individuals look and feel their absolute best.
Dressing: Offering gentle and patient support to ensure individuals are dressed comfortably and stylishly, promoting confidence and independence.

Specialty Care

Dementia / Alzheimer’s: Compassionate care tailored to the unique needs of individuals with memory-related challenges.
Palliative / End of Life: We work and coordinate with the multidisciplinary health team and provide ongoing palliative care support under the direction of Hospice or the palliative care team.
Brain Injury: Specialized care and rehabilitation for those affected by brain injuries, promoting recovery and independence.
Complex Disabilities and Disorders: Comprehensive assistance for individuals with diverse and challenging disabilities or disorders, ensuring a higher quality of life.
Mental Health Supports: Offering understanding and guidance to promote mental well-being and stability for those facing mental health concerns.


Shopping/Errands: Handling grocery shopping and running errands, ensuring convenience and accessibility.
Gardening: Tending to outdoor spaces, creating a pleasant and serene environment.
Pet Care: Providing love and care to furry family members, including feeding, walking, and playtime.
Accompanying to Appointments: Offering support and companionship during medical or other important appointments.
Light Housekeeping / Organizing: Maintaining a tidy and organized living space to enhance comfort and well-being.
Transportation to Day Programs: Assisting in safe and reliable transportation to day programs or activities, promoting community engagement and social interaction.

What We Do


We are a non-profit co-operative that provides quality care for our clients and a better working environment for care workers.  


We empower care workers to engage with their clients to provide the care that their clients need and that they can be proud of.  


At CCA we provide a pathway to ownership that affords control over your working environment and promotes quality home care.  


We offer mentoring, direct employment and business supports to build your own local care co-operative.

Our Goal

CCA is a non-profit co-operative seeking to create a care sector that is focused on care. Please help us meet our goal by donating today. 


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As an Individual Member of CCA you will be a member-owner and will work with CCA clients.

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